Dressing the body

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︎ Unfolding the body
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Unfolding the Body

Rather than using patterns which are based on an abstracted notion of the body, I am working directly from the concrete body. Not the flat shape but the physical, living body lays the groundwork for the garment. 

I am creating my own patterns by loosely wrapping the body in foil and using tiny pieces of tape to ‘copy’ the shape of the body. After taking this ‘mould’ of the body I use the Shingo Sato Transformational Reconstruction patterning method to translate the 3D shape into flat pattern pieces. In this stage, the ‘unfolded body’ is something like a basic pattern which shares a strong resemblance to the glove which sparked this research. These pattern pieces I will treat as I would normally treat a basic pattern. That is, they are the basic shapes from which I create different volumes and garments.

1. Upper Body

2. Upper Body

3. Upper Body

4. Upper Body

For toile see 5. Leg

5. Leg

6. Leg Kneeled

7. Leg Bent

8. Leg

9. Hand

10. Hand

11. Foot